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LOORRS 2016 Round 15 & Challenge Cup

Renezeder Hunted At LOORRS Finals

“It’s better to be the hunter than the hunted”- Carl Renezeder. The final round of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in 2016 was filled with intensity; especially in the Pro-4 class. After leading the Pro-4 points chase for 13 of 15 rounds of racing, Carl Renezeder was locked into a tooth and nail battle with Kyle LeDuc for the title. Carl and his TR17 crew had set the pace all season, but Kyle LeDuc was stalking him. Coming into the race, the two were tied. Every single point was critical so the slightest details became hugely important. Renezeder started off by grabbing a point for qualifying number one. His lead increased when he led the race at the halfway point. After an intense battle on the track, LeDuc proved he was a worthy adversary by taking the win. Carl finished 2nd by only fractions of a second. After everything was tallied, the two were right back where they started, dead even. To break the tie, they reverted to who had the most wins; giving the title to LeDuc.

“Somebody told me they have never seen anyone lead so many races during the year and not win the title,” said Renezeder, “It was very tough this year. You can’t get any closer than to be tied after 15 rounds of racing. We might not have won our 10th championship but we are very proud of our performance and we gave the fans a great show all year. The fans have been absolutely amazing. The stands have been packed all season and our pits have been surrounded by excited race fans every weekend.”

While the Pro-4 race dominated the show, Carl also ran the fastest lap of the race in his Lucas Oil, BF Goodrich Tires, KMC Wheels, Team Associated, and King Shocks Pro-2. He ran in the lead pack all race and earned another podium with his 3rd place finish. His strong performance moved him up into a podium position in the Pro-2 points chase as well; finishing third in the final standings. “Our performance in the Pro-2 race was very strong,” said Renezeder, “We needed to gain points on McGrath if we were going to finish on the championship podium and we did that. It was a great result for the season, considering we had some mechanical issues to deal with. The TR17 crew did an amazing job.”

Carl and the crew also competed in the Challenge Cup race which many refer to as the “Carnage Cup.” Trying to get the start right with so many trucks on a tight course proved to be the challenge. “When they changed the track, it was shortened from a 45 second track to a 35 second track,” said Renezeder, “We had three re-starts that caused a bunch of pile-ups in the corners. By the time we actually started we had a flat right front tire, a bent tie rod, a bent lower control arm and it turns out a cracked upright; we were broke before we started. I ran a couple laps but had to pull off the track.”

The 2016 season might be over but the work continues for Carl and the crew. They work year round to stay in top shape both physically and mechanically. Carl sticks to a rigid schedule of physical training that includes swimming, mountain biking and weight training. He and the TR17 crew will have a chance to take what they learned this season and develop it through testing in the off season. “We are real happy with our performance but we will be working to make the trucks even faster and more reliable,” says Renezeder, “It’s time to go to work!”

LOORRS 2016 Rounds 13&14

Carl Renezeder showed amazing consistency at rounds 13 and 14 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in Lake Elsinore, California. Carl is a rare breed, competing in two separate classes; Pro-2 and Pro-4. That means he runs four heats in a typical weekend of racing. Carl and his amazing TR17crew put in twice the work that most teams do. Two trucks mean two set-ups, two overhauls, and two times the pressure. At Lake Elsinore, 2 was the magic number. In both qualifying sessions for Pro-4, he was second fastest. During racing, Carl was consistently up front; taking second place podiums in three races. Even his worst finish of the weekend was still in the top five, a fourth place. With only a single round of racing left, speed and consistency will be crucial. After 14 rounds of racing, Team Renezeder will be heading to the final race weekend, tied for the Pro-4 points championship.

Renezeder might make it look easy but the reality is far from it. While qualifying in his Pro-2 on Friday, the transmission dipstick came loose causing fluid to leak out and catch fire. Renezeder’s first concern was for the truck. Fortunately it was not damaged. During the Pro-4 race on Friday, he was out front after leading most of the race. He took a wide line through the corner to use the cushion, (the cushion is the dirt that gets pushed to the outside of the corner). “I took a wide line in turn 5 to get some squirt out of the corner,” said Renezeder. “The cushion grabbed me and I got up on the bicycle about as far as you can without going over; I lost two positions. I was able to get back around MacCachren but a caution came out with one lap to go before I could get LeDuc. On the re-start I was right on his bumper. We came to the cones and I went, he hesitated. As soon as I made contact to his bumper and lost my momentum, he took off. I was unable to get back around him; we finished second.” Renezeder had put down three of his fastest laps ever on the track before that caution came out. Sometimes the yellow flag is a blessing; other times a curse.

On Saturday, the first race up for the team would be Pro-4. The race was an incredible show of just how competitive it is in the Pro-4 class. Renezeder, LeDuc, and MacCachren were putting down consistent laps at a blistering pace. Renezeder was precise, running perfect laps over and over again. The top three trucks made no mistakes and left nothing on the table. Renezeder was unable to force his way past LeDuc, he finished second. During the Pro-2 race, the TR17 team had Lucas Oil, BF Goodrich Tires, KMC Wheels, Team Associated, and King Shocks back up on the podium again with their third, 2nd place finish for the weekend.

When the series heads to the final race of the season October 22nd and 23rd at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ. It will be a do or die shootout between Renezeder and LeDuc for the Pro-4 Championship. It will be a perfect finale to one of the most hard fought seasons in short course racing.

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