LOORRS 2016 Rounds 9 &10

9-time short course champion Carl Renezeder is always highly motivated to hit the race track. When the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series headed to Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California for rounds 9 and 10, he had even more inspiration to run hard. San Bernardino was the site of a terrorist attack on December 2nd, 2015 that took the lives of 14 people and injured 22. The Lucas Oil series’ 14 for 14 event included a ceremony before racing started to honor first responders and the families of those who were killed and wounded. The Mayor of San Bernardino, Carey Davis, was in attendance with members of law enforcement and some of the families of the victims. 14 drivers would carry the names of those lost on their cars and helmets; Carl Renezeder would be one of those drivers. “The events of that day are tragic,” said driver Carl Renezeder. “As a community, anything we can do to honor those who died and their families left behind, we shouldn’t think twice. They gave so much we’re honored to do our part.”
Carl is one of the very few drivers who dare to compete in both the Pro-4 and Pro-2 classes. Carl and his dedicated crew have worked hard to lead the points standings in Pro-4. He is also quick to credit sponsors Lucas Oil, BF Goodrich Tires, KMC Wheels, Team Associated, King Shocks, Billy Schlieper from Pro Power, Gordon Stoney transmissions on the Pro-2, Doug Fortin transmissions on the Pro-4, advice from Rajiv Gupta, and King Shocks. “Reed from King Shocks spent the weekend helping out in our pits which made a big difference in the performance of both trucks,” said Carl, “We thank them for the time and effort they put into our team.”
Rounds 9 and 10 were held at night to give the drivers a different challenge and try to beat the heat of summer in Southern California. Despite the sun going down, it was still hot in the evenings. “I like racing at night,” says Carl, “You have to contend with the shadows but the lighting is usually good. Glen Helen suits my driving style, it’s tight and technical. The track develops deep ruts and a big cushion on the outside of turns that can upset your truck. You have to be on your game to run fast.”
Carl was definitely on his game at Glen Helen. During the Pro-4 race on Saturday, he led 15 of 16 laps after starting on the pole. A last lap caution flag bunched up the field and a drag race to the checkered flag had Carl finishing second. With second place points and the point for leading at the halfway point, Carl extended his lead in the points standings over rivals Kyle LeDuc, Bryce Menzies, and Rob MacCachren.
In Pro-2, Carl qualified first and with a zero inversion drawn, would start on the pole. During the race, his exhaust header collector came loose, dumping heat and flames into the transmission enclosure. It caused a slight loss of power and created a deafening sound inside the cab of the truck. Despite all that, Carl ran out front for many laps. With only two laps to go, Carl was still managing to hold onto third place when the heat became too much for the underdrive unit, causing its failure. The fluid temperature was up to 400 degrees during much of the race.
On Sunday, Carl was snake bit in Pro-2 again. He qualified a bit off the pace in 7th but it was a very tight field; he was only 4 tenths of a second from the number one qualifier. During the race, he was running strong; climbing up through the field to third place. Only two turns from the finish, his engine expired. Unknown to Carl, he had been smoking for several laps. It was hoped by his spotter that he could make it to the finish, and they came very close to doing that. The heat and rough track were punishing on the equipment.
In Pro-4, Carl had much better results. He qualified second fastest and with a zero inversion drawn, would start outside the front row. “It was a tight race,” said Carl, “I was right on Kyle’s tail and eventually Bryce got in the mix. You could throw a blanket over the top three. We finished with another second place podium which gained us even more points towards the championship. We ran strong all weekend in both trucks, it was a great race for the TR-17 crew at Glen Helen and we were very proud to help honor the memory of Shannon Johnson and support the #SBStrong movement.” Team Renezeder’s next rounds of LOORRS racing will be on August 13th and 14th at Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, NV. For the latest on Team Renezeder go to: http://www.teamrenezeder.com/
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LOORRS 2016 Rounds 7 & 8

Going to Baja Mexico for rounds 7 and 8 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series brings back fond memories for Carl Renezeder. He has logged many miles on the peninsula while racing the Baja 500, San Felipe 250, and infamous Baja 1000. Totally unique to the Lucas Oil series, the sandy track at Estero Beach resembles a desert course much more than any other. The rhythm section is similar to the San Felipe whoops, the proximity to the ocean reminds one of running wide open down a desolate beach, and the fans packing the grandstands are as vocal and enthusiastic as those who show up to cheer at the desert races. Off-road racing is enormously popular in Baja and the fans are a big part of it.
Team Renezeder had a huge crowd of fans at their pits all weekend as they handed out t-shirts, patches, stickers, posters and other TR17 swag. The crowd was especially large on Sunday afternoon when they gave away an RC car just like Carl’s full size Lucas Oil KMC Wheels Team Associated Pro-2 and Pro-4. “The fans are so into it,” says Carl, “We love them so much that we decided to do something special. It felt really great to see that little kid win the RC car. He had a smile on his face that looked like it was Christmas morning.”
There would be no gifts exchanged once on the race track. “The track is on the beach so it’s a lot of sand,” Says Carl, “It deteriorates quickly. The roost is so bad it makes it difficult to pass and we did only twelve laps instead of sixteen. It makes it tough to come from behind.” Both trucks needed a lot of changes compared to the usual race. Carl likes the trucks tight so the suspensions had to be loosened up a bit to work in the choppy sand. They also had too much gear. The Estero Beach track is long so you have more room to get up to full speed. It took some adjustments and time on the track before Carl was into a good groove.
Team Renezeder was a little slow in qualifying so they had to work from outside the top five. In the Pro-4 race on Saturday, Carl worked his way towards the front but got hit and pushed wide when another competitor went up on two wheels. The contact dropped him to dead last with only a few laps to recover. He worked his way up to the 5th spot at the finish. In Pro-2 it was much the same. He battled the roost and did his best to avoid getting tangled up with other drivers to finish 5th place as well.
After the races on Saturday, the crew got busy prepping the trucks for Sunday. King Shocks stopped by to help dial in the shocks for the sandy track conditions. The crew’s hard work and careful attention to detail paid off when racing resumed during round 8. Despite starting on the back row in the Pro-2 race, Carl’s BF Goodrich tires were hooked up in the sand. He shot up into 4th place by turn one. He was up to third place and feeling very racy when unfortunately, the engine let go and he had to pull off. That’s another side effect of the sand; it puts a huge strain on the entire drivetrain.
With one race to go, Carl would start his Pro-4 on the front row. In turn two he made a pass for the lead. Once out front, he held off Kyle LeDuc, who was putting a lot of pressure on him, until the competition yellow flag came out. On the re-start, LeDuc made contact; sending Carl up on two wheels and dropping him back to 5th. The Lucas Oil KMC Wheels Team Associated Pro-4 was performing so strongly that Carl was able to quickly regain his momentum and pick up two spots before the checkered flag flew to finish on the podium in 3rd.
“It was a good weekend,” said Carl, “We learned a lot from our hard work and our trucks became super-fast. We loved spending time with the fans and after the race we hung out by the pool at the resort trading stories about our races. We realized all three of our incidents happened in the same corner. Maybe that’s our Bermuda Triangle on this track.” Carl and the TR17 team are already getting geared up to race under the lights in rounds 9 and 10 on July 23rd and 24th when the Lucas Oil series heads to Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.

LOORRS 2016 Rounds 5 & 6

Strong Run keeps Renezeder out front in Utah  (May 21-22, 2016)
     Carl Renezeder was all smiles after a strong run in rounds 5 and 6 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, UT.  Wet weather cancelled qualifying for round 5, but track officials did an excellent job getting the surface ready for competiton.  Well acquainted with the Tooele track surface, the TR17 crew had both Lucas Oil / KMC Wheels / Team Associated / BFGoodrich Tires Pro-2 and Pro-4 trucks in amazing form for both rounds of racing.  As a matter of fact, Carl was a little too hooked up in his Pro-4 during round 5.
     While running in the second spot for most of the race, Carl hit the big table-top jump with too much speed.  He over-shot the landing and lost some positions when he went wide in the corner.  He was able to recover quickly and move up another spot in the few laps remaining to finish in fifth place.
     In Pro-2 things were much crazier.  The TR17 team did an excellent job rebounding from a rollover crash that sidelined them in round 5.  They are still working on implementing the changes to the Pro-2 that have made the Pro-4 such a strong contender this season.  Despite the setback on Saturday, the Pro-2 truck, and Carl, were both ready to go for Sunday’s race;  the truck ran strong from the start.  Carl and the crew were rewarded for all their hard work with a third place podium finish.
     With a pair of podium finishes and the Pro-4 points lead in hand, Team Renezeder is anxious to head south of the border to the Baja International Short Course at Estero Beach, Ensenada, MX on June 18th and 19th for rounds 7 and 8.  Last year’s inaugural event was wildly popular with the Mexican race fans.  “Team Renezeder looks forward to the race in Baja, California as we have so many fans down there that live and breathe off road racing” said Carl Renezeder, “Every time we go down there, it is such an amazing time as I see the same families coming to the races with their children.  We really appreciate the fans down there and the opportunity to race in their beautiful country.”
For more information, news, photos and video action from the Utah rounds and the next event in Mexico, go to: www.teamrenezeder.com.
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LOORRS 2016 Rounds 3 & 4

Carl Renezeder Adds To Win List At Lake Elsinore

Carl Renezeder and his TR17 crew had demonstrable success testing a new set-up during rounds 3 and 4 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in Lake Elsinore, CA. The TR17 Lucas Oil KMC Wheels Team Associated Pro-2 and Pro-4 trucks were fast enough to pick up a pair of wins in the opening weekend of racing in Arizona, but they never quit trying to go even faster. You don’t win 9 Championships by accident.

Race trucks, and a team’s success, depend on many moving parts. Everyone sees what happens while at the track, most are not cognizant of the time and effort put in before and after every race weekend. There is no greater achievement for a team than to make changes to the set-up and have the truck respond exactly as planned.

“We have been working hard during testing to make the trucks better,” Said Carl, “Our BF Goodrich tires have been hooking up very well and with the horsepower we have from Pro-Power, we had to come up with a new plan for the Pro-4; it worked incredibly well. We can move that same set-up over to the Pro-2 and hopefully it will respond the same way. I’m so proud of our team; this is the payoff for all the hard work my crew puts in every week.”

Team Renezeder has started the 2016 season with solid results. Leading the Pro-4 standings and running a strong second in Pro-2; only a single point back from the number one spot. The team is anxious to get to rounds 5 and 6 on May 21st and 22nd at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, UT. Where they will have another opportunity to build on their success.

LOORRS 2016 Rounds 1 & 2

Exciting Opening Weekend for Renezeder

LAKE FOREST, CA (March 22, 2016) – The opening weekend of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series proved rewarding for Carl Renezeder,  he finished with two wins and one second out of four races.    That doesn’t happen very often.  Renezeder was proud of the hard work and dedication his team showed during the off-season to make this all possible.   The 2016 season also started with Renezeder’s return to BFGoodrich,  stating,  “I started my racing career with BFGoodrich and I’m excited about returning to my original partnership with the brand.”

Saturday morning opened with  the first qualifying sessions of the season and Renezeder was obviously feeling good in both trucks, as he qualified 1st and 3rd in his first two races of the season. Renezeder  was competitive in his Pro-4 and battled hard for a 2nd place finish. The Pro-2 race proved a little more challenging for Renezeder but he finished with a respectable 4th.

Sunday’s qualifying was not as exciting as the previous day, Renezeder qualified 5th in both trucks.  But the qualifying only induced the crew to work harder to pick up some speed for the racing to follow that afternoon.  Renezeder was in the lead in Pro-4 after lap one, he maintained the lead for the remainder of the race, earning his first win of the season.  For the last race of the day- Pro-2’s,  Renezeder starting in the front and ending in the front, for his first Pro 2 win since the 2014 season and his 120th career win.  Renezeder thanked his sponsors, crew and family for making this possible.

The team sported grins of satisfaction as their hard work paid off in the first weekend of the Race season.   The next Race of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing  will be on April 23 and 24, 2016 at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.  The team is looking forward to it and will be ready for battle.

Results from LOORRS Rounds 1 & 2, 2016:
Pro-4: Rnd 1 – qualify: 3rd; race: 2nd      Pro-4: Rnd 2 – qualify: 5th;  race: 1st
Pro-2: Rnd 1 – qualify: 1st;  race: 4th       Pro-2: Rnd 2 – qualify: 5th;  race: 1st


Renezeder wraps up 2015 with his 3rd LOORRS Cup

October 24-25, 2015

The Lucas Oil Challenge Cup race is billed as the most exciting race of the year, the Pro-4 and Pro-2 carnage is intense.  This year was no different and  Renezeder was at his best, driving in the style that has made him a legend these past 17 years in his Lucas Oil off Road Racing trucks.

The annual year end race pits the Pro-2’s against the Pro-4’s, with the Pro2’s given a half lap head start. Renezeder gracefully maneuvered his Pro-4 past the Pro-2,  as the fans were treated to classic Renezeder driving  as he came home with his 118th win and his third LOORRS challenge cup win.

“I’m proud of our team,” said Renezeder.  My team, my family, my sponsors and all of my fans are what makes this worthwhile, I could not do this without them.”

The 2015 race season had its highs and lows, with the team making lots of changes to the trucks to fine-tune them all year long.  “We used everything we learned and continued to work hard to give the trucks that winning edge” commented Renezeder.

While Renezeder may humbly claim that the year had it’s ups and downs. Renezeder and the team wrapped up the 2015 race season with14 podiums, including the much coveted Challenge cup for an unprecidented third time.

What does 2016 have in store for Renezeder and the team?  Look for an early start with the Frozen Rush in January.  Then they are looking to start the 2016 Lucas Oil off Road Series in March right where this one left off.